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If You Are Interested In Committing To A Shift,
We Would Like To Hear From You!

Please contact us here so that we can customize our session to your situation as far as possible. We meet singles or groups. Our fees will depend on type, size and number of sessions, based on your requirements.

We welcome parent and child pairs in the same session, where children are over 11 years, on how to tackle the PSLE effectively, God’s way.

Older students under 21 years may sign up for sessions only with their parent’s consent.


Please send your enquiries here or at Contact Us. We will call you to schedule an initial consultation to hear your needs and to let you know more of what we have in mind for you. There is NO CHARGE for this initial consultation.

Some of our programmes:

*Small group sharing for parents of kindergarten children.

The joy of learning can, and should, be instilled at a young age.  Set the foundation right so that your child will have an easier transition into primary school and build good study habits. Come and hear some God-given ideas – yes, even to wake up grouchy, sleepy children to get ready for kindergarten!

*Small group sharing for parents of primary school children

Don’t let your child look at studies in a negative light – as a burden and something that has to be endured. Your child will benefit from study tips and exam techniques to consolidate his revision. Don’t underestimate what God can do in your child’s life, even if you think it is “too late”.

We don’t replace tuition and supplementary classes. Maximize the benefit of whatever tuition classes and school-based learning your child has – to gain the most from ALL sources of learning available to your child.

*Small group sharing for youth, older students and undergrads

We look into how our practical study application ideas also apply to working life. We share the real-life, real-time adventures that happened since Megashift was started. During this time, God confirmed the very same ideas from Him, and gave a glimpse of how studying, working and living with God, knowing His deeper purposes, makes the excitement of living go completely off the charts!

Get ready to let God take charge, while we get:-

  • A God-focused mindset. Recognize that this is the best way to do things. There will be less stress when we rely on Him than on ourselves – for both parent and child!
  • A fresh revelation of studying, that will give the student a sense of purpose and self-worth
  • Instill healthy study habits
  • Learn essential time management skills
  • Implement effective study and exam techniques that can be honed through the years
  • Develop godly character


We are in all ways a business enterprise. However, we are also very willing to talk to those who sincerely seek the Lord’s Megashift but genuinely have limited funds.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that this is a Christian-based website and program. While it is primarily for believers, all are welcome. We are happy to speak to all who will hear us.