MEGASHIFT has an assignment to bring a message of hope to those who are hungry for it. It is based on a simple premise – a deep-seated commitment to shake off apathy, passivity and complacency, and to shift our focus back to a REAL God. For ALL aspects  – studies, work, families, relationships. This involves humility to acknowledge that self-effort alone does not work.

Let’s get back to basics. To apply the Word of God at a fundamental, real-world level. God in the grit of daily life.  And if He is real (!), we’ll see His answers in ways that are personal, powerful and very, very practical.

At Megashift Consultancy, we believe in a message of grace that breaks down barriers between denominations, races, nationalities.  It is our fervent wish that we shift towards God TOGETHER.

At Megashift Consultancy, we believe that if individuals honour God by shifting our focus off our own efforts, and making space for the reality of God, He will show up. He will effect a MEGASHIFT which can powerfully transform our lives, families, relationships, work and businesses.  We will be blessed in the process. But that is not the main reason for Megashift.

Like a stone thrown into a pond of still water, the shift starts with small ripples that build up into larger ones that will rock the whole pond. It starts with families. It moves on to schools, businesses, the community. It will bless all who come into contact with it.

God is in the business of moving mountains. The time has come for a shift of such magnitude that it will shock the nations of the world.

It is time to RISE AND SHINE, and be a blessing.